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gain access to a variety of classes 

Access Giovana Fitness classes in person + from the comfort of your home.

Gain access to all timetabled classes in studio or beach bootcamps.

Also gain access to a variety of real-time, 30-60 minute classes. Everything from HIIT and strength workouts to yoga and post-workout stretching. Suitable for all fitness levels. 

What's Included?

  • Bodyweight Workouts

  • Weight / Strength Training

  • Yoga Classes

  • Stretching Classes

  • Fitness Challenges

  • Resistance Band Training

  • Healthy Recipes

Join the #TrainWithGiovana Team!

  • Class Membership

    Every month
    Recurring payments
    • Based on 2 classes a week + extra classes FREE of charge
    • Unlimited access to real-time workouts
    • Unlimited access to healthy recipes
    • Discounted rates on merchandise
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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